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Who is West Midlands Care Association?

West Midlands Care Association represents 500 Care Homes and Domiciliary Providers across the West Midlands. We are a none profit company set up by Care Providers to help them run quality businesses. For more details go to our web site click here

What is MerciaCare Business Products?

These are quality, care planning and compliance systems to ensure care providers nationwide are able to meet CQC requirements, designed by the Care Companies for Care Companies.

Our systems are appropriate for Elder Care, Adult (18 – 65) Care, and Domiciliary Care and include; a working manual, Audits and Improvement plans.

Overview of our products;


1) CQC Audit Tool-   A quality audit tool that allows you to review each CQC's 5 Key Questions and to measure your compliance against that question. This allows you to identify if improvements need to be made.

2) Cleanliness & Infection Control Audit Tool  - A comprehensive self-assessment tool that includes operating policies, guidance notes and audits for “Cleanliness and Infection Control” to assist you to comply with CQC Quality Outcome No8 and the Social Care Act 2008

 3)  Care Planning & Risk Assessment System    A risk assessment and care planning system designed to help you review your current care planning procedures and to provide ideas to improve your current practices


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