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Care Planning & Risk Assessment System

West Midlands Care Association has available a care planning system to address the the fact that almost 50% of care providers fall below the Commissions' standards for care planning, .

The prime purpose of our Care planning system is to provide a foundation and framework for comprehensive care planning.
It is not designed to replace piecemeal what you already do, but we encourage you to retain what you do well and to incorporate any ideas and documentation that will add value to your existing processes.

Good Care Planning.

Good Care Planning is not just about the System it is also about the information that is put into it. Is it easy to read? Does it have enough detail if someone looked back it it later? Is it precise enough for staff coming on shift to read it.
To help you review what we offer please select to view a sample (Cognition) Below you will see the full list of Contents in the System

View a sample MerciaCare plan - "Mental Health - Cognition"

This system costs £70 for non members and £35 for WMCA Members, or you can purchase it as part of the 'bundle'.

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Care Planning System - Contents

Physical Care


Psychological Care

Social Care

Additional Assessments

Review & Evaluation
Documentation & Pro-forma (Provided to enter copies of the most commonly used documentation))