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Cleanliness & Infection Control Audit Tool

We have developed an audit tool to help care providers to systematically review all areas of their cleanliness & infection control procedures, to identify best practice, and to minimise the risks of spreading infection.

As care providers, our key priority is to minimise healthcare associated infection, and to maximise a clean and infection free environment to safeguard all concerned from exposure to infection.
Hence the reason why Regulation 12 (Outcome 8 - of the Regulated Activities) Regulations 2009 is dedicated to Cleanliness and Infection Control.

This audit tool provides a method for scoring your compliance against best practice, together with sample policies and guidance notes.

By using the audit tool, you can identify the areas that need to be improved and it show clearly your level of compliance.
Once established, you can generate immediate improvement and set targets for future improvement.

This system Costs £70 for non members and £35 for WMCA Members or you can purchase as part of the 'bundle'.

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The system includes;

18 Individual Audit tools -  (View Audit Tool for spillages)                                                         

25 Best practice guidance notes - (View Guidance Notes for spillages)    

20 Sample policies - (View a sample Policy for spillages) 

Areas included in the system;

(View spillages Audit)
(View spillages Guidance Note)
(View spillages Policy)